Trusted By Our Community

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Ms. Davis ❤️ 

Within the years you have helped many teachers grow and most importantly be a positive role model to us.  Thank you for everything you have done for us for your countless positive reinforcement.  Truly blessed to have had you in my life and May God Bless you abundantly in this new Chapter.  May he shower you with a Blessed Business and May God pour his unconditional love to you and all of those that you may meet.  Thank you Ms. Davis!!!

Forever Grateful ❤️ 

Bod Bless you today and Always!

We will Miss you 😘


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I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your input during the meeting.  I also thank for the preparation time you have given to my staff for this big day.

I felt that "we killed it."  I value our working relationship and commend you for your representation of "us."  You are knowledgable in your field, for sure.

Sometimes, we need to know the impact we make on others.  I enjoy working with you very much.  God bless you and know that your family must be proud of your accomplishments.

I can hopefully say this to you and you understand that it is all complimentary. We need to build each other up in this system that does not always see our worth.  I see yours!!!!!  See you soon.


About TreeHouse Group

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world"

 M.S.Ed from Bank Street College of Education.
New York State Certified Early Childhood Education (Birth-2)
CLASS Reliability

Treehouse Group is a New York based educational consultant organization, specializing in ECE (Early Childhood Education). It was formed to support and make a difference in early childhood programs in underserved communities. For this important cause, founder Shanequa Davis, M.S.Ed, wanted to create an autonomous system with three different branches: the Consulting Group, the Publishing House, and the Non-Profit Organization. Each platform performs its tasks proficiently, working as advocates for a generation that can change the world, where all children are afforded the same opportunities.

Treehouse Group consultants, is dedicated to the progress of Equity in Early Childhood Education. Under our coaching model or mentee/mentorship program, we aid in program success through teacher training, staff development, CLASS & ECERS-R preparation, and family engagement/ community building. We support all school practitioners, leaders, teachers, and families understanding that family is a child’s first teacher. We assist programs in the procurement of resources as it pertains to Request for Proposal (RFP).

Under the Consulting Group, services are designed and customized to support the fundamental essentials of a program through an initial assessment. Like the young ones we educate, no two programs are the same. Therefore, each program is unique and has its own imprint on the community it serves. “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” is our philosophy at Treehouse Group.

Our Publishing House

Our publishing unit, Treehouse Books, will utilize our platform, specifically to print, publish, and promote school-age domestic and international children’s books. Revenue accrued through publishing will be used for charitable purposes. Treehouse Books believes: Reading a children’s book should feel like taking a trip . . . without any luggage.

Our Non-Profit

The Non-Profit Organization (NPO), Treehouse Education Alliance, hereafter known as T.E.A., is considered the international footprint and the most important venture of the group.  Working as an Educational Consultant, founder Shanequa Davis traveled often to help heal from traumas in her life.

Eventually, she married her love of Education, Travel, & Service.  Under the NPO, our resources are expanded to be applied internationally in underserved school communities of color.  As an NPO, we focus on creating a framework to support Equity in Early Childhood Education as well as support the child's physical, social, and emotional needs.  At T.E.A., we understand the importance of relationship as it pertains to team building and community building.  For that reason and more, we partner with community-based, non-profit organizations to help foster these relationships.  We recognize: "when the student is ready...the teacher will appear."

Optimizing Our Work 

Treehouse Group focuses on domestic and international issues that adversely impact underserved communities of color, with our primary focus on Equity in ECE (Early Childhood Education). We will continue our work, in collaboration with these communities, to create a generation of critical thinkers TODAY who will build relationships and impact our tomorrow.

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”